Prof. PhD habil. Cristian ENĂCHESCU – PhD admission

Topics for doctoral schoool admission:

  1. Diamagnetism and paramagnetism (Classical theory of diamagnetism: Classical theory of paramagnetism).
  2. General properties of ferromagnetic substances (Magnetization curves; Magnetic hysteresis).
  3. Theory of ferromagnetism in the molecular field approximation (Weiss theory).
  4. Domain walls dynamics role in the magnetization processes (Magnetization processes by domain walls displacement).
  5. Theory of magnetization processes by spontaneous magnetization rotation (Magnetization processes by coherent rotation).


  1. C. Păpușoi, Proprietăți magnetice ale corpului solid (partea I – 1980, partea a II-a – 1988), Ed. Univ. Al. I. Cuza Iași