Doctoral School admission topics – General Physics -2019

  1. Work and energy (Work; Work done by a variable force; Work and kinetic energy ; Gravitational potential energy ; Elastic potential energy; Conservative and nonconservative forces; Power)
  2. Energy and work in thermodynamics (Work done upon changes in volume; Heat exchanged at volume variation; First law of thermodynamics; Adiabatic processes; Isochoric processes; Isothermal processes; Isobaric processes; Differential form of the first law of thermodynamics; Molar heat capacity of an ideal gas)
  3. Electric field (Electric field; Electric field strength calculation; Field lines; Gauss’s law; Applications of Gauss’s law)
  4. Interference and diffraction of light (Interference of light and coherent sources; Young’s experiment; Intensity distribution of interference fringes; Reflection phase change; Thin films interference; Newton’s rings)
  5. Atomic models (Emission and absorption of light; Bohr atomic model; Atomic spectra; Laser)


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  2. Physics. A General Course, I.V.Savelyev, Myr Publishers, Moscow, 1979

or any course of general physics.