Arhiva Erasmus+



Coordonatorul Erasmus+ al Facultății de Fizică:
Prof. Dr. habil. Liviu LEONTIE




University of Konstanz – language skills

Within the Erasmus+ programme the University of Konstanz is proud to offer numerous mobility options to students and is happy to be a welcoming host to your students. Encountering a growing demand, we have to adjust some of our procedures in order to continue offering the services we stand for. As of 2018/19

  • language proficiency of your students needs to be a minimum of B2 in German and/or English, see amendment to the InterInstitutional Agreement, further information at
  • we have to ask you to stick to our registration deadlines: May 15 (winter semester Oct – Feb, intensive pre-semester language course in September) and Nov 15 (summer semester April – July, intensive pre-semester language course in March). Nominations ahead of this date are necessary as students have to register and upload their documents. Late nominations can no longer be accepted.
  • no more extension of Erasmus stay possible – neither from one to two semesters nor from one academic year into the next academic year. Students are of course welcome to study at the University of Konstanz for a second time at a later stage of their studies.

We kindly ask for your understanding that the University of Konstanz will become stricter in order to manage the growing demand of visiting students. Please forward this to the relevant departmental coordinators and update your database accordingly.

Amendment language skills pdf