CS II Dr. Habil. Alina ASANDEI – Fields of expertise

Major areas of research:

Molecular biophysics. Applications to medical physics

Directions of investigation:

Molecular investigation of antimicrobial peptides interaction with biomimetic lipid systems;

Single-molecule chemistry and stochasting sensing with protein pores;

Single molecule investigation of the interaction between small molecule and a CD molecule trapped within the wild-type α-Hemolysin nanopore.

Areas of expertise

  1. Unreveling at the unimolecular level of peptide-metal, DNA-metal interactions using protein pores.
  2. Physicochemical characterization of interactions between viral structural proteins (SARS-Cov2, HBV) and artificial lipid biomembranes
  3. The protein pores used to investigate at the unimolecular level of the energy couplings associated with the interactions between DNA-binding proteins and DNA fragments