Prof. PhD habil. Lucel SÎRGHI – Topics for doctoral schoool admission


  1. Production of plasma in the laboratory. Direct current, radio frequency and microwave discharges in gases at low pressure.
  2. Plasma parameters and diagnostics.
  3. Layers of spatial charge. Ion bombardment of surfaces. Self biasing of surfaces
  4. Physical and chemical processes in plasma and at the surface of solid bodies subjected to plasma action.
  5. Surface forces (Van der Waals, electrical double layer, capillary).
  6. Fundamentals of atomic force microscopy. The operating principle of the atomic force microscope. Working modes.
  7. Measurement of surface forces using atomic force microscopy
  8. Methods of manufacturing materials used in nanotechnology (nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanostructured surfaces, etc.)
  9. Functional surfaces with applications in environment, energy and biomedicine.
  10. Properties and modes obtained.


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