Prof. PhD Maricel AGOP – Fields of expertise

Research interests
Theoretical Physics


Research domain:

The classical theory of fields (classical electrodynamics, standard and general gravity)

Quantum theories (quantum mechanics, quantum theory of fields)
Calibration theory of fields (U1, SU2, SUn, gravity theories, etc.).

Nonlinear dynamics and chaos – theoretical ground (bifurcations, stability of dynamical systems, chaos in classical and quantum Hamiltonian systems, chaotic sets characterization, synchronization and chaos control, constructive effects of noise in nonlinear dynamic systems, criteria for progression to chaos, etc..)

Nonlinear dynamics in the study of physical phenomena from: i) plasma (discharge plasma or plasma obtained by laser, plasma self-structuring, etc.), ii) solid (electrical and thermal transport phenomena, etc.), iii) superconductors (type I or II, transport phenomena, properties and variation laws of the superconducting parameters, etc.). iv) superfluids (transport phenomena, properties, variations of superfluid parameters), v) nanostructures and nanofluids (thermal and electrical conductivity, etc.). vi) phase transformations (solid-liquid, conductor-supraconductor, etc.).

Nonlinear dynamics in the study of physical fields (applications of fractal theory in gravity, electromagnetism, the classical theory of fields based on nonlinear dynamics).


Research interests/proposed topics

Nonlinear dynamics in the study of physical phenomena