Prof. PhD Tudor LUCHIAN – Fields of expertise

Major areas of research:

Molecular biophysics

Bioelectricity and applications to medical physics


Directions of investigation:

Uni-molecular investigation of lipid-protein interactions

Nanoscopic detection of biomolecules with nanopores. Investigation of

the free energy landscape pertaining to biomolecules-biomimetic systems

interactions, at single-molecule level

Virtual instrumentation applied to molecular electrophysiology


Areas of expertise:

Study of membrane active peptides (antimicrobials) interaction with lipid systems

Detection and characterization of small molecules and peptides with nanopores and molecular adaptors (e.g., cyclodextrins)

Investigation of peptides and nanoparticles transport across lipid membranes with electrical and optical techniques

Patch clamp and fluorescence studies of peptides and protein adsorption to lipid membranes and liposomes

The impedance spectroscopy applied to investigating biomimentic systems – biomolecule interactions